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Yvette Ramsdell


Yvette Ramsdell


When are taxes mailed?

Summer taxes are mailed on July 1, and Winter taxes on December 1.  While every effort is made to ensure the timely receipt of your tax bill, it is the taxpayer’s responsibility to notify the Treasurer’s office of any address changes (989-739-9169). If you need a replacement bill, request one by phone and we will mail or email you one.

When are taxes due?

Summer taxes are due on September 14, and Winter on February 14.  If either of these dates falls on Sunday or a holiday, the due date is extended until the next business day. After the due dates, interest is charged at a rate of 1% per month.  After the winter due date, a penalty of 3% is charged. The last date that we can accept tax payments in our office is February 28th.  After that date, all payments must be made to the office of Iosco County Treasurer. Questions about County collection details should be directed to that office.

Can I make partial payments?

Yes.  After receiving your tax bill, our office will accept partial payments on parcels until the last day that we can accept tax payments (in most cases, February 28th). Payments of both summer and winter taxes may be paid at our office until that date. After that date, all payments must be made to Iosco County Treasurer.

How can Tax payments be made?

For your convenience, the following types of Tax payments are accepted:

  • Online by Credit Card or electronic check (please initiate on our home page)

  • Telephone 1-888-891-6064

  • By mail (check or money order)

  • In Person at our Township office. Drop box is also available for after-hours payment by check only.

  • Please, make certain that you provide enough information about your parcel and payment that it can be accurately credited.  The treasurer’s office cannot be responsible for payments applied incorrectly.        

When and where are dog licenses available?

Dog Licenses are available at the Iosco’s County Treasurer’s Office. Please call 989-362-4409 for further questions.

What is a tax deferment?

Certain provisions of the law allow eligible taxpayers to put off (defer) payment of their summer tax until the winter tax due date without interest or penalty. To qualify, taxpayers must certify that their gross household income for the preceding calendar year did not exceed $40,000 and that they qualify under one of the following provisions:

  • 62 years of age or older, including the unmarried surviving spouse of a person who was 62 years of age or older at the time of death

  • Paraplegic, Hemiplegic, or Quadriplegic

  • Eligible Serviceperson, Eligible Veteran, Eligible Widow or Widower

  • Blind Person

  • Totally and Permanently Disabled

If you qualify for a tax deferment and wish to apply this benefit, please call our office anytime (989-739-9169).  There is a form that you must fill out and return to the Treasurer for consideration of a deferment.


Applications for deferment must be received by the summer tax due date (usually September 14th) in order to be considered. 

What is a primary residence exemption?

The Primary Residence Exemption (PRE) is an exemption from paying the School Operating Millage on the summer tax bill, which is available to qualified homeowners. Our Assessor’s office is responsible for administering this exemption. Application for the exemption is available from our Assessor and must be filed by June 1. Please call Jessica Williams, Assessor, for further information (989-739-9169).