Ausable Township

This is to inform you of the upcoming deadline to hook up to the Municipal Sewer system. Phase two and Phase three, of which you are part, was completed on September 20, 2022. Our Ordinance and State Law (Public Health Code Act 368 of 1978), require that if a Municipal Sewer system is available, the resident must hook up within 540 days of availability. The deadline for Sewer Hookup is March 13, 2024.

Please note that violations of the ordinance are pursued by the Township as municipal civil infractions. The ordinance and the applicable statutes call for up to a $500 fine for each violation, along with the imposition of costs of up to another $500 (including the Township’s Attorney Fees). And the District Court will be authorized to issue injunctive orders to require compliance with the ordinance. Those who fail to fully comply with the District Court’s injunctive orders may then be held in contempt of court and punished by jail and additional fines and costs. In addition in some instances, the Township may obtain a lien against the real estate for its costs.

I invite you to go onto our website at to look at a list of contractors that are known by the Township to do the Sewer hookups. Please if you have any questions about the necessary actions to complete the Sewer hookup or the deadline, reach out to either the Water Department or myself.

Eric Strayer