Ausable Township



Jessica Landry, MAAO

As a taxpayer in the Charter Township of AuSable, you are concerned about paying only your fair share of taxes for services received. In the Assessor’s office, I am responsible for estimating the market value of every property in the Township. As I estimate the value of your property, I also make every effort to assure that your assessment is equitable to similar properties. Please feel free to contact the Assessor’s Office if you need assistance.  I am available Monday – Thursday during the Township’s normal business hours. If you would like to arrange a meeting you may contact my office by phone, email or stop by during normal office hours.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Township Assessor is primarily responsible for performing and maintaining property assessments for the equitable distribution of property tax burden, as per the current Michigan General Property Tax Laws. The Township Assessor:
  • Compiles the annual assessment role on which taxes will be levied
  • Conducts field audits of both existing properties and new construction
  • Maintains property descriptions and maps for taxing purposes
  • Processes personal property statements
  • Provides the Treasurer with taxable value on all properties within the Township which are used to produce the annual tax bills


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